The Adult Programme


Kenpo Karate Australasia (KKA) was formed in 1996 with the aim of sharing the skills, principals, concepts and theories of American Kenpo Karate. We are proud to be the official Australian representative of the Larry Tatum Kenpo Karate Association (L.T.K.K.A.), providing access to some of the highest quality training available.

From its early origins in China, the art was further developed in Hawaii and later on the U.S. mainland by Senior Grandmaster Ed. Parker, Today, Kenpo Karate has evolved into an incredibly flexible system that covers the entire spectrum of self-defense and adapts itself to each individual student.

Our complete syllabus retains the rituals, formalities and customs of the Oriental tradition and incorporates all sets, forms and techniques of modern Kenpo, together with the essential principles, concepts and theories which make American Kenpo Karate a martial science. The American Kenpo system is a multi-level language that conveys knowledge on so many levels. It speaks to us by way of understanding physics, kinetics, biology, physiology, psychology to name a few topics that are covered in the science of Kenpo.  This fascinating art can provide a lifetime of study and still not scratch the surface.

Training at all our schools is conducted in an environment that offers diversity and fosters humility, friendship and fun. The lessons learned within the walls of our schools are designed to be a mirror that reflects life itself in the outside world. 

Whether you are new to the martial arts or an experienced practitioner, we recognize that each individual's Kenpo journey is different and that one person’s journey is no less valuable than another’s. Our senior instructors have a combined total of over one hundred years of active, martial arts experience and strive to ensure that each student is made to feel welcome, valued and respected.

As your study progresses, you will gain a greater understanding and respect of life and for each other. Our world today needs more peace, not more punches.

For more information on the Adults Programme (Kenpo Karate Australasia and Women's Tactical Defence Australasia), please contact Sensei Tom Cullen on 0404 197 208 or email