Joshua A

Joshua A


Leadership and Me

By K4K Junior Black Belt

Joshua Anderson

Age 11

When I ask myself the question "Am I a leader", I think, do I have the skills and qualities it takes to be one? How am I preparing myself to make my team better?

Since I began this journey I have always wanted to reach my goals and become a successful Junior Black Belt. How would I get there and what would it take to achieve this? The answer was easy; hard work, determination, patience, respect, courage and willingness. I believe I have all that I need to succeed. I want to be able to pass this on to others and teach them what I have learnt. The preparation I would use to make my team better in any way I could is to train them so that they are able to reach their full potential. I would make sure that I work with students that require more assistance and continue to reassure them along the way. I would also encourage them to let me know if there are areas that they might require more assistance in and focus on their needs.

By making my team's record and reputation stronger this will encourage more people to want to join us. This was evident from the feedback recently received after our previous tournament. We have a strong reputation for producing quality students with large amounts of respect and consideration for others. We always make sure that we make our Sensei proud of how he has trained us and what we have learnt. I enjoy being able to demonstrate all of this for everyone to see.

To demonstrate how I would keep my body in shape I would ensure that I am responsible for staying fit and healthy. I eat well, drink plenty of water and I train each day pushing myself to new limits constantly. I am never afraid to try something new. I keep my mind in shape by focussing on the positive things in life. While I am in school I remain focussed on all tasks we undertake. I actively listen and question when I am uncertain of what is being explained. When I teach and help out every Friday it makes me feel very special. I like getting asked to demonstrate things that Sensei might tell me to do in front of everybody. When I help out I always expect the unexpected. For example if Sensei asked me to show everyone universal Form 7 I would not complain and make a comment. I would get up with joy to show everyone what I have learnt and practised and how good I can do it. One thing that a leader should have is confidence. I enjoy allowing my fellow students to see how far I have come and I have earned their respect as a leader.

Some examples I would set for others to follow would be to show as much respect and consideration to everyone around me so in turn I can receive the same back. I would show my determination and will, by not complaining when I am asked to do something. This in turn would encourage other younger students to have confidence when they are asked to show what they have learnt in front of everyone.

I think our personal reputation is the most valuable thing I own because it is a reflection of who we are and how we have been taught and raised. It outlines the person I want to be and makes me accountable for what I achieve in life. Following the examples that have been shown to me by my parents, teachers and other leaders in my life gives me direction and purpose.


In conclusion as you will see from my research, it is critical to work closely with your team as a leader. I am learning how to possess all the key skills and qualities that a leader should hold. I hope over time that I can become a great leader.


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Forest Lake
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