Max C - Junior Blackbelt

BB - Max Cable

When I first started getting into martial arts I was 7 years old and what I was expecting was to learn how to run up walls and do somersaults like in the movies. I had already tried a few martial arts before Kenpo but they just didn’t have the attraction that Kenpo did. Kenpo was different and because of that difference I decided to stay with Kenpo a little longer and uncover all the cool techniques it had to offer.

I was soon aware that Kenpo was more than just learning how to fight and defend yourself but it was about knowledge, Friendship, Respect and understanding as well. It gave a whole new meaning to what “Martial Arts” meant to me. It wasn’t so much about the physical side of Kenpo but about the mental side as well.

I began learning things not only about Kenpo but also about myself as a person; I began to see things in the bigger picture. I realised that everyone had a role to play in life whether it being a friend, parent, teacher or student you always had to give back and when I say that I mean if you have a job to do, you do it properly or if someone’s trying to teach you something you give them your full focus and appreciate what they are doing for you. Now I’m certainly not perfect myself but Kenpo has brought me a little bit closer to what everyone should be trying to achieve, their full potential.

If I were to give any advice to those seeking to start learning Kenpo karate it would be three main things. (1) Stay consistent: this means when you’re learning something like a form or a set, learn the whole thing and don’t leave it half-baked. (2) Practice often: I know what it’s like to learn something just to forget it because you haven’t practiced, it doesn’t feel good. And lastly, (3) Respect your peers and teachers: when your training with a partner always put your all into the exercise, it benefits you as well. And take in what you teachers tell you and use what you’re taught effectively.

I’m now 15 years old and I’m a junior black belt in Kenpo.  I have future goals and my focus with karate is to participate in the Kenpo tournament being held in Hawaii in 2014 and then to go on and achieve senior black belt ranking.  My career goal is to join the Australian Air Force and I believe my dedication, the discipline Kenpo has instilled in me and my improved focus will assist me in achieving this.