Nicholas W

Nicholas W


Lead or Follow
by K4K Junior Black Belt
Nicholas W
Age 11


“Learn and know what you are good at, learn and know what you’re passionate about and then put them together and find a place they can work.'' Ann Sherry, whilst Group Executive, People and Performance, Westpac

What is a leader? A leader is a person who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a goal. Some examples of the definition of a leader are - the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country. A principal player in a music group can be considered the leader, or even the captain of a sporting team.

A good leader needs to have experience, be considerate, have respect of other people and their things, and have trust within themselves and in their team to finish the job, confidence that they can lead their team or group.

Life will not always be easy - we will need to learn to make choices. You won't always win and you won’t always lose. You need to be able to be a good winner and be a good loser.

To make my Kenpo 4 Kids team members a better team, I could plan a warm up to help guide them on what needs to be done. I could show them a good example with committing to going to karate lessons every Friday night and help the earlier lesson with the younger belts. This will help them with their techniques and I can explain to them the reason why. I have encouraged my team members to not give up and keep practicing until they become a black belt.

If all team members were acting together towards a goal, then we would all be happy and want other people to know how good it is to be a karate team member. If working together shows how we can improve, more kids will want to become part of our team. Good manners, respect and consideration all represent good characteristics which increases our reputation within the community. As a team we learn new and better ways of learning techniques and forms and sets.

Something I've learnt at karate is:
1. Knowing what I want;
2. Having a plan;
3. Using a success coach;
4. Taking consistent action; and
5. Reviewing my progress and renewing my goals.

Karate is not all about strength, it is about learning, thinking and using your mind. To keep fit I try to do push ups to make my arms/chest stronger, play soccer and futsal to improve my running and to build up my leg muscles and increase my stamina. I do wall sits to make my legs stronger - this helps improve my base. Sit ups help to build up abdominal strength so that I can one day do a kip up.

If I make mistakes, then I try not to get frustrated but then I take a deep breath and think through it again. I try to take my time to learn from my mistake and try not to do it again.

My family and I have run the Bridge to Brisbane fun run for the last three years. We do this to improve our fitness together, help raise funds for different charities and enjoy the day with other people. We need to train for this so we practice running by running around the lake and riding our bikes on adventure hikes.

Hearing stories about teams and learning new and interesting things - that aren't all self-defence related, helps me to relate to why we do certain moves in karate.

A reputation is something that people know about you before they actually know you. For example, people that I play soccer with have heard that I am able to score goals by kicking with my left foot. They may not have seen me do this, but they have heard about it and ask for me to play on their team.

At karate lessons, when you say you are going to be there to help out the younger belts, then the Sensei’s will then know that they can depend on you and will work out their lesson knowing that they will have help. Unless something unknown gets in the way, then I will be there to help.

A reputation cannot be bought - you have to earn it. If your reputation is bad - like turning up late for karate lessons - then nobody will want you on their team. But if you have a good reputation for turning up on time, then people will know that they can depend on you.

At school I try to set a good example for the rest of my class by being a good role model through working hard, helping others in my class, behaving nicely, listening to my teacher and showing her, other students and other teachers respect and consideration, when trying my best at everything I do.

I will not listen to other people when they are talking selfishly - because selfish people are not very nice.

When I help the younger belts at karate, it makes me feel happy because I am teaching them how to do something and they show me respect and try to learn from me.

I would like to be an inspiration to other people, have a good reputation for playing soccer and that I have shown commitment with achieving my Junior Black Belt. I would like to follow this through with getting my Teen Kenpo Black Belt and then getting my Adult Black Belt. I hope my brother Matthew follows in my footsteps and achieves what he would like with commitment also with my help.

I am committing to train and race for the kids Spartan Race in March 2014 in Brisbane.


I have learnt that doing a thesis is really hard but if you think about it a lot it becomes easier. Leadership is someone who influences or commands a group of people - do I think I could do this or at least become someone that people would like to lead? Yes I believe I do!

Club Location: 
Forest Lake
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