Nicole A-B - Junior Blackbelt

BB - Nicole Ashton-Brooks

What got you started?

Having been heavily involved in squad swimming training from a young age I believed it was time for a change. I knew of friends who participated in Kenpo4Kids and so I too decided to give it a go.  

What were your initial thoughts about Kenpo and Karate in general? How did these change over your time in the art?

At first Kenpo was just another sport however, it quickly became something I was good at and something I enjoyed. Kenpo was teaching me about life, health and protection it became a well-rounded education.

What did you learn about yourself and about life through studying Kenpo?

I learnt how to be confident and humble, it showed me a more gracious side of myself. I realized the importance and benefit of never giving up.  Perseverance and Practice is what got me to where I am now. No doubt the journey was bumpy however, the satisfaction of knowing you never gave up and you’ve reached that goal, like a black belt, is truly extraordinary.

What advice would you give to others wanting to start training?

Enjoy it. Let yourself be shaped by the lessons you discover: not only those of physicality but also those grounded in good morality.

What are your future goals and how has Kenpo training prepared you for these?

Upon entering into my last year of school it is certainly a focus to achieve the highest possible success, throughout the year. Kenpo has taught me the fundamental skills of communication, the necessity for repetition and perseverance and above all the importance of a focused mind.