Reece C - Junior Blackbelt

BB - Reece Coupe

My Kenpo training started at the age of 5. My Sister Madelyn, was already training with my Dad and Sensei Tony and I decided this was also what I wanted to do because I wanted to be a part of martial arts and experience what it is like to learn Kenpo.

Although I was a little nervous starting,, my Dad and Sensei Tony helped me progress. Training was hard and fun at the same time. I was finding it tough but I was always trying and learning. I found out I became a little more confident the further I progressed. Finding the techniques sets and forms more challenging with each new belt level.

Kenpo helped me become more aware of people around me, learning to control my emotions, trying to finish off what I’m doing and not giving up no matter what happens. I remember going to one of my very first tournaments, and it was very scary at first. Once I competed, I realized that it wasn’t that scary and I had a lot of fun doing my techniques, sets and forms.

One thing that I love, is the feeling of success when all your training that you do, pays off. When I won my first event, I was smiling all the time. I made sure I congratulated the other competitors so that they would not feel bad but also so that they knew that they did a good job as well. This moment made me come back to training and work extra hard so I could feel that success again next year.  

I would suggest new students to be sure that they’re organized before class starts, making sure that they have practiced at home what they have previously learnt so they are ready to learn new material. I made sure that my Dad or my friends helped me before class so I was prepared to learn and not let Sensei Tony or my fellow students down.

If I was teaching a white belt I would ask them if they had read their manual, checking to see if the techniques are correct and if not check with Sensei to help them to understand and how they could make them better.

My goal is to progress through the adult system reaching 2nd Black Belt which my dad earned doing his test and he said he will pass his belt on to me. I’m not sure what will happen as I stay on this path but it’s by not giving up or changing course that I hope to reach my goal.

Year Black Belt was Acquired: