Shehan D - Junior Blackbelt


In 2007 my mother found a Kenpo 4 Kids flyer in our letter box and thought it was good for me to learn martial arts as I was a very active boy. That night my parents had a chat about whether I should join. So a couple of days later after school, I was on the way to karate classes. That night I met my instructor Sensei Cullen and he gave me my uniform and my white belt.

Since I joined Kenpo 4 Kids I learned how to defend myself, be confident, focus and dedication.  Most of all the main objective that I have learnt is to respect others. In Kenpo, one has to know their motto. In the motto it states that," you will respect yourself,  and fellow team members,  teachers,  parents and everyone I meet."

Over my years of doing Kenpo I have met many instructors such as Sensei Wayne, Sensei Nick and Sensei Steven.

My first ever tournament I competed was in Melbourne. I came first in Forms and Board breaking. Since then I took part in other tournaments held in the Gold Coast and in Sydney. In all those tournaments I came first in board- breaking. With this experience, I gained more  confidence in my daily life and functioned well in school and other activities. I was able to overcome my anxieties by facing these tournaments. The best ever tournament was in 2012 which was held in Disneyland, California where I came second in forms, second in sets and third in self defence.

After arriving from the tournament in California, I had extensive training with Sensei Turnbull. From the day I started these sessions, I had to do my utmost best to achieve my Junior Black Belt. Finally in December 2012 thanks to my dedicated instructors, I accomplished my Junior Black Belt when I was 12 years old.

My future aspiration would be to become a fighter pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). Martial arts has helped me to strive my goals in life because first of all it teaches you to be brave and have confidence in yourself. I have yet to complete my High School years and university.

I would like to advise new comers to pursue with their goals in life and when you start martial arts  never give up until you strive to achieve junior black belt and when you reach black belt it is not the end of all, it is the beginning. Kenpo helps you achieve many things in life such as bravery, confidence and mainly courage when you are faced with difficult situations in life.

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