Kenpo4Kids Programme

Maddy and reece

What is Kenpo 4 Kids?

Kenpo 4 Kids is a comprehensive karate system of self defence designed with one purpose in mind - Children and their Welfare. It embodies a character education and life skills program which incorporates one of the most respected martial arts in the world today - Kenpo Karate. Our system is structured in a way that ensures junior students are provided with the starting ground to enjoy this martial art.

There are three levels of classes provided so that all the family members can participate.

Level 1 - Kenpo 4 Kids - 5 to 12 years old
Level 2 - Teen Kenpo - 13 to 16 years old
Level 3 - Kenpo Karate Australasia and Women's Tactical Defence Australasia - Adults
Each level of each programme is competency and module-based. Having the programmes structured this way allows the students to reach their full potential. At every stage of the programme, students are actively encouraged to progress to the next level.

In the Kenpo 4 Kids Programme, dedication, enthusiasm, hard work and improvement are systematically rewarded with stripes on the student's belt. These stripes represent the level of competency they have achieved and, above all, acts as a continuing incentive for further improvement.

Our Kenpo 4 Kids Programme has nine belt levels :

Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, 3rd Brown, 2nd Brown, 1st Brown, Junior Black Belt.

Each belt has its own training manual in full colour which is given to all students as part of their grading, with the exception of the yellow belt manual which is part of the membership package.

Gradings are held twice per year to allow students ample time to learn all the material from their manual and at class to successfully pass their grading with confidence.

All students wear a black uniform (we say good guys wear black). A Kenpo 4 Kids student dresses the same as all the K4K students around the world and all learn the same material. This way if you and your family move to another state or country, you can still study your martial arts as if you never left your own training place. Your gradings are recognised in any K4K association in any part of the world.

Overall the Kenpo 4 Kids Programme provides children with a fun way of learning characteristics and skills that are essential to their continuing sucess in life. There is no greater investment that you can make in your child's life than to instill self-confidence, goal orientation, determination and discipline. Our K4K motto teaches us all these.

Kenpo 4 Kids Motto

"I will show respect and consideration in all areas of my life, knowing that true success is the product of respect - to myself, my fellow team members, parents, teachers and everyone I meet. Without respect, I have nothing - with it, I have all I need to succeed."